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The Freelancer For Your (Virtual) Events. Touring, Management & Support.

Supporting international events


Hi! I am Nikki.

Love what you do!

First of all, love what you do! That makes the job way easier. Working with great (international) teams to create experiences for the audience. Let’s get together and talk about your upcoming plans. 

Events Served
Artist served (yes I counted them)

Tour Management and Advancing

I can take the lead for your tour so the artist can focus on the performance. With handy tools to advance the show and have a smooth work-flow in possible different time-zones

Stage Management

Managing a stage is one of the best jobs there is! Meeting plenty of people during the entire show. Band members, DJ's, artist touring teams, agents and many more. Work together in a fast moving environment

Artist Relations

Let me cover your event advancing when it comes to your program/line-up using handy advancing tools. Manage the entire process from A-Z. Looks after the hotels, flights, ground transport and riders.

Artist Handling

Execute the handling on the day of the event. Smooth workflow in advance and during the event day(s). Working closely with the ground transport teams, stage managers, the artist their teams and event organization.

Site Production

The love being in the field and build on your event. One of the first crew members in, one of the last crew members out. Going through the entire facility and technical cycle with the team.

Project Management

Let's take a lead on your event. Manage the processes and challenges with may occur. Find the creative solutions and co-create the experience of your event.


Take the lead on your media production. Film, tv, commercial or livestream. Run to the process together and create your live (virtual) entertaining experience.

Artist Consultancy

Assist management, develop and maintain relationships for the artist. Using the solid understanding of the music business and their stakeholders. With a study background in international music business

Ground Transport

Safety on the road while traveling on tour, towards festivals or private moments. With a great network of specialists driving you safe and sound towards your destination.

Tour and Artist Security

Safety on the road while traveling and safety during the show, meet & greets or private moments. With a great network of specialists, we back you up.

Let's get in touch!

Happy to get in touch with you and talk through the upcoming plans